Fundraiser Limo Chicago


In a city as big as Chicago, fundraiser parties happen every other day. Companies are competing amongst themselves on who will give back to society the most and the race is especially fierce as the holiday season approaches. Non-profits are trying to secure funds for the next year and every now and then the financing is needed urgently for a cause.

No matter if you are raising money for the people in the local neighborhood, pets and other endangered animals or for local non-profit organizations, fundraisers are known for their impeccable itineraries and the attendees of the highest ranks. Everything is planned weeks or months in advance, including top-notch transportation for your guests.

If you need to hire first-class limousines for your glamorous fundraiser evening, know that you can count on us. We will pick up your guests from the airport, from their hotel or any other place and drive them straight to your event.

Corporate Fundraiser Limo Chicago

Corporate fundraisers are the opportunity for every company to show its corporate responsibility and do something for a good cause. The success of a company’s fundraiser can reflect on its future sales, reputation and so on. Hiring a reliable fundraiser limo Chicago is half the job done.

While your guests are preoccupied with their evening attire, you can take care of their transportation. Since our chauffeurs are long-term professionals, they will know how to avoid traffic along the way and drive you right in front of the event venue. That way you know everyone will arrive on time and return home safely.

Our top-notch transportation can come in handy especially if you are having celebrity and VIP guests who need to be provided the finest service possible. They need to feel welcomed and appreciated because they made the time to attend your party.

The Most Diverse and Luxurious Fleet

Our first-class fundraiser limo Chicago will be the first impression you and your fundraiser organizing skills make on your guests. Sleek elegant sedans, SUVs, and vans, as well as attention-grabbing stretch limos, will be a perfect choice for all of your guests. It all depends on the number of passengers you need to transport.

Starting from perfectly polished exterior and black tinted windows that keep the privacy of your guests, all the way to high-quality black leather seats that provide ultimate comfort. Amenities like free WiFi and fast mobile chargers can help your guests stay amused during their ride.

Our uniformed chauffeurs will wait for each and every passenger with a smile on the face, help your guests in and out of the vehicle and open doors for them. That way your guests can keep their attires intact for the big night.

Book Your Glamorous Limousine Today

If you need to hire multiple chauffeurs and vehicles from our fleet for your big fundraiser event, you will need to make your reservation as soon as possible. Only that way you can be sure that you will have all the limousines you need on that day and that none of them are booked or unavailable for any other reason.

You can make a reservation quickly by filling out the booking form on our website but if you would rather talk to our customer service and go over all the details of the fundraiser transportation - you should give us a call.

Payment can also be made online with any major credit card and your limousines will be ready for you on your fundraiser day.

Our services are available 24/7 so even if your fundraiser party ends up lasting longer than expected, you know you can count on us to transport your guests back home.

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