Airport Transfer Service – Luxury Shuttle Service, Transportation Services

Airport transfer service is a type of transportation service available for passengers arriving and departing from the airport. What sets us apart from the normal means of transportation is that the entire transport service to or from the airport can be with one designated driver, and in a luxury vehicle for just you and your family.

Chicago’s airports (and other major cities) are famous for their long queues and frustrating traffic jams on the way back to city centres. By providing an airport transfer to Chicago ORD airport and nearby airports, we help you beat these problems and avoid expensive public options for your ride to or from the airport like a taxi or bus, book our airport service today!

One thing that makes a private Chicago airport transfer service so great is that you can book it well in advance, which helps to minimize last minute costs from an expensive taxi fare. And with our service, you can be taken right from the airport to your hotel door or other preferred drop off location. When you book an airport ride with us in Chicago, expect that your shuttle services driver will be waiting for you even if your plane lands at the airport early. This is not a taxi service, rather a system that will safely shuttle you in a luxurious and private way to your destination. An airport service provider like I Private Car provides transportation via private shuttle or luxury car just where and when you need it, in a manner that will pamper you and treat you well, so much better than simply calling a taxi.

Airport transfers, also referred to as airport shuttle or airport limousine service, means that your driver will be waiting for you at the nearest point of entry or exit, and drive you in a luxury private vehicle to your destination. Some people may choose not to use airport transfers because they think a private airport shuttle is too expensive, but when compared with taxi fares for airport drop offs, and other public options, hiring a private car for airport service in Chicago and the surrounding airports actually turns out to be cheaper in most cases. Better than a taxi, our airport service is provided in a professional manner, and in a clean, luxurious vehicle which can be chosen in advance.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is our main transfer services airport: What are the benefits of using Chicago airport transfer services? Here are just some of the benefits of using our service:

1) Quicker arrivals & departures at the airport = less chance of missing flights.

2) Less stress during journey time = relaxed vacations when you use I Private Car‘s airport shuttles ORD!

3) More energy saved by using our destination airport transfer at O’Hare International Airport.

Not a Taxi, but an Airport Transfer Service Directly To or From the Airport

Transfers from the airport go directly to your chosen destination which makes your travel day easy and relaxing. The majority of the time, your transfer service from the airport will take you straight to your hotel, but if it’s a local destination, then the driver may drop you off at a nearby transit station. Here are some examples:

– If you’re visiting Chicago for pleasure and staying in town for a few days, book a private car from I Private Car for your airport needs. Your private driver can be booked for getting you to and from the airport plus any additional service you may need during your stay. We can be your airport shuttle service to Chicago O’Hare Airport, as well as surrounding area airports. O’Hare International ORD is the perfect place to book your airport transfer. Remember, we are not a taxi service, but a consierge shuttle service that will get you where you need to be in style.

– If you’re visiting Chicago on business and need to meet with various clients in different locations, book a car that includes a defined meeting location. Your service guide, aka chauffeur, will then meet you at the airport, take you to all of your meetings, and then will drop you off at the airport when it’s time for your return flight.

Why Use Airport Transfer Services?

What are some reasons people use airport transfer services?

1) Avoid expensive public transportation service methods like taxis and buses.

2) Save time with direct door-to-door service.

3) Book a vehicle that has enough space for everyone traveling in your group or family.

4) Private cars give passengers the chance to relax during travel.

5) You can easily book luxury vehicles of all sizes for your group. Minivans provide more seating & storage space than sedans but may be less of a luxury service than the other options. And SUVs provide more seating & storage space than minivans.

Vehicles Often Used To and From Chicago O’Hare Airport

What kinds of vehicles are used for Chicago Airport Transfer services?

Some common types of service vehicles used include:

– Sedans, which seat up to 4 passengers

– Minivans, which seat up to 7 passengers

– Limousines, which seat up to 5 passengers

– SUVs – which seat between 6 and 8 passengers.

You can book any type of vehicle for your private car service on a per hour basis with the driver waiting as you need until you are done with your journey, or the company can offer a flat rate service. The price can vary depending on how long you would like the service for, so if you’re planning a night out, you may want to make a reservation for a few hours.

These are just some of the things that can influence your decision. How many guests are in your party, and how many pieces of luggage do they have? The more people in your group and the amount of luggage everyone has will help determine the space and the service you will need. If it’s a family vacation with kids in car seats and strollers, make sure to include plenty of space for them too. You will want to ensure that there is enough room for everyone to be comfortable during the journey. The larger vehicles are very popular for this reason, and there is plenty of room to fit car seats. Additionally, a larger luxury vehicle offers a larger amount of legroom.

What about pet service? What if you have flown with your dog or cat, and need to bring them along on your airport transfer. What kind of vehicle should be booked? In this case, it’s best to book a larger vehicle such as a sedan or SUV. What is the advantage of using an SUV in service as opposed to a minivan? A larger trunk space means that there will be more room available for luggage and other items.

Can Longer Airport Transfers Be Booked From Chicago ORD?

Is your destination downtown or even in another city? I Private Car offers point to point service as well as to and from the airport. If it’s going to take over an hour before you reach your final destination, then you want to make sure everyone is comfortable through the entire journey. What type of car can provide comfort during longer trips involving over 1 hour of travel time? Many people choose sedans because they are cozy with plenty of leg room for their trip to the airport.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

What about Luxury Vehicles?

What are their features? What is the difference between a sedan and a limousine? What about an SUV vs. a minivan? What kind of car do you need for your service from the airport to your destination? What type of vehicle should be booked? Let’s explore these options. The luxury vehicles offer much higher class of amenities, so it’s best to book based on what you know will make your trip more comfortable. For instance, if your family enjoys listening to music during travel time, then booking a larger SUV that has TVs built into the headrests will be perfect for you.

What are some other luxury service features available in vehicles these days? All kinds of features are offered now – from Wi-Fi access to USB ports for charging electronic devices – even cool lighting effects to make your drive extra special. Transfers can also be made from specific location to the Airport, and from point to point within the city and surrounding service areas.

From a hotel, the recommended transportation is always a private car because it offers convenience as well as privacy. A driver can help with luggage and ensure that everyone gets to their location safely. I Private Car offers airport pick ups, drop offs, and more!

Benefits of Using Airport Transfers to Chicago ORD Airport

Some benefits of using airport transfers services include convenience, privacy, and flexibility.

Shuttle Transportation Convenience

An airport transfer is the best way to ensure you get to your final destination without any complications. With an airport transfer service, all you have to do is make sure that someone in your party knows where and when to meet their driver for their way back home after a long trip.

Shuttles Transport with Privacy

What is the best way to ensure safety when someone has been hired to shuttle you from one place to another? Add an element of privacy by riding in comfort and style with an airport transfer service that you can trust.

Airport Transfers Service Offers Flexibility

With airport car service, you can choose the car that fits your needs for private or large capacity vehicles. I Private Car offers vehicles like Sedans, SUVs, Town Cars, Busses & Special Vehicles.

Now that travel is increasing, it is even more important to be prepared for the best trip you can have, and having a private car service waiting for you in Chicago is one of the best ways to prepare. (1)

Private cars represent the ultimate in luxury, comfort and convenience because it’s driven by a service professional (chauffeur) who will get you safely to where you’re going at the exact time you need to arrive. Everyone can take advantage of airport transfers with a great company like I Private Car.